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Hotel Sorrento’s Health & Safety Commitment Action Plan

Our Promise to Keep Our Guests and Associates Safe


Dear Guests, 



Hotel Sorrento has been committed to creating personalized and memorable experiences for our guests since 1909. Now, more than ever, our focus on our guests' experience with regards to health, safety, and cleanliness is our top priority. 

This is not a mere aspiration. It’s an action plan. For the wellbeing of our guests, associates, and our community, our promise is to put our 111 years of experience, passion for hospitality, and energy into increasing the standards of cleanliness on our property. 

To deliver on this promise every day, our Hygiene and Sanitation Manager will lead a Safety Committee program responsible for training, implementation and compliance. In addition, we’re closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s recommendations regarding COVID-19, and will continue to follow their guidelines, as well as those from local health departments. We are also committed to following Governor Inslee’s Safe Start Plan for Washington State.

Our commitment is not just for our guests.We are also holding the same cleanliness and sanitation standards in the heart of house (“backstage”), to keep our associates safe and healthy. Below, we have included our outlined commitments for each area of the Hotel and Restaurant.

Should any questions, concerns, or additional accomodations arise, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at 206-622-6400.


At Your Service, 

Shannon Sheron, Managing Director 



 Checking into the Hotel: 

  • Guests checking in will be greeted by a trained associate who will check their temperature with a touchless thermometer. Any guest with a fever will not be admitted, unless a vaccine or virus containment has been reached, and local laws deem interaction with someone displaying COVID-19 symptoms safe.

  • After temperatures have been checked, guests will proceed to our Guest Reception Desk, where our Guest Reception team will check you into your room. Your keycard will have been sanitized by an employee with gloves, who will have placed it in a secure receptacle. Hand sanitizer will be available at all check-in stations.

  • Guests will be advised to stay at physically distance themselves at  least six feet from individuals or groups they are not traveling with. 

  • Valet service will be available, and our trained valet team will be outfitted in PPE, and have a rigorous routine to ensure your car is sanitized and protected.

  • Bell cart service will be available for guests who request it, with carts being sanitized after each use.

  • Baggage storage will not be available until further notice. 



  • Button panels and elevator doors will be disinfected at regular intervals, at least once per hour. 

  • No more than two  guests traveling together per elevator ride. If you are not traveling with someone, please ride the elevator alone.

  • Signage will be posted to explain our cleaning current procedures and capacity expectations. 

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available at each elevator landing on every floor. 


Guest Rooms: 

  • Safety first – the wellbeing of our employees and guests is our top priority. 

  • All employees will have their temperature taken before entering the building, use hand sanitizer, and wear masks at all times while on the premises. This is part of the safety protocol. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at the entrance of the building, on the check-in desk, outside of the elevators on each floor, and outside each common restroom. 

  • We will ensure that housekeepers wear have and use the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including face masks, gloves, and protective gowns. 5. We will notify the guests of our COVID-19 protocols via our website and when they check-in. We will also provide an opportunity for our guests to provide feedback regarding our protocols. 

  • To minimize contact between housekeepers and guests, the front desk will notify the guest that housekeeping services will be offered every other day during their stay, and the guest may not be in the room while housekeeping tasks are being performed. 

  • Common areas and public places will be cleaned every 2 hours with additional attention paid to the entrance doors, doorknobs, inside of the elevator, bathrooms, and other high touch surfaces. 

  • All rooms will be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned using proper chemicals and a the disinfecting fogger machine to sanitize the room. Additionally, all hard surfaces included tables, chairs, countertops, light switches, doorknobs, telephones, handles, TV remote controls, pens, hairdryers, irons, fridges and fixtures. We will disinfect the coffee makers and provide clean glasses and coffee cups for the next guests. 

  • All bed skirts, mattress pads, and comforters will be washed after the guests check out. 

  • Masks and personal use size hand sanitizer will be added to the guest room as a part of our hotel standard. 

  • Laundry - Ensure all soiled linens are properly secured in the laundry cart to minimize the potential for the spread of bacteria and viruses. 

  • Clean and disinfect all laundry carts and housekeeping carts daily 

  • Housekeepers must immediately notify their immediate supervisor or manager if they discover a guest who is ill. 

  • To ensure the safety of our housekeepers, a guest room will be not be cleaned until after 24 hours have passed since the guest vacated the room.


Restaurant, Bar, and Garden Dining: 

  • Daily temperature checks will be required for all guests and associates.

  • Single use physical menus will be available for those who wish to order in-person from a server. 

  • QR Codes linked to our online menu and ordering system will be available for those who wish to experience a touchless experience while ordering and paying.

  • Our team will be following all COVID protocols, including daily temperature checks, wearing face masks and gloves, hourly sanitation and cleaning checklists, and social distancing when possible.

  • Single use condiments and plasticware will be available in addition to regular tableware.

  • Indoor and outdoor seating capacities will stay in line with Washington’s Safe Start Plan.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available for guests and associates. 


Fitness Center: 

  • Our fitness center will be available by appointment only, and machines will be sanitized before and after each appointment, in addition to scheduled daily cleaning. (PHASE 3 REQUIRED)


Business Center:

  • Our business center will be closed until further notice. Please ask our front desk for any assistance with printing or WiFI during your stay. 


Questions or Concerns? Get In Touch With Our Team.

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