Vintage Rooms & Suites

Step back in time and discover the charm of Hotel Sorrento, one of the oldest hotels in Seattle. No two rooms at Hotel Sorrento are created or decorated the same.


Close up on coffee maker pouring coffee at Hotel Sorrento
Interior of Sorrento Suite Queen with table at Hotel Sorrento
Interior of the lobby area with lounges at Hotel Sorrento

Supreme Soirées

The culturally-curious know that when it's time to celebrate, raise a glass, and let loose, the go-to destination is an unforgettable space with unique history.

Strategize or Celebrate

Looking for a Seattle hotel that caters to both business and celebratory needs? We offer flexible spaces condusive to productive meetings and dynamic events.


Our calendar of curated music, literary, and dining events for Seattle locals, visitors, and the culturally-curious.

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