The Sorrento Lemon

What’s with the Sorrento Lemon?

At the Sorrento, we’re sort of “sweet” on the lemon. Back in 1909, the architect Harlan Thomas designed the Sorrento Hotel to emulate the mission-style Italian architecture of Sorrento, Italy, a town dear to his heart. Now, if you’ve ever been to Italy, you’ll know that lemon groves are a signature garden feature of Sorrento. In fact, the Sorrento Lemon is so prized that in 2000 it earned the Sorrento Lemon IGP recognition, a protected status which is kind of like royalty for fruit. Just close your eyes and hold a Sorrento lemon up to your nose…the unique, intense fragrance conjures up images of sun-drenched Italian landscape, of endless hills of lemon groves rich with dark green foliage dotted with magnificent bursts of yellow.

At the Sorrento Hotel, you’ll find lemons sprinkled through your stay. Savor a complimentary glass of lemon-water every afternoon in our lobby. Join us for dinner in the Hunt Club and try our warm bread served with lemon-infused olive oil and (a popular finale) our signature lemon tart dessert. Or pucker up to one of our specialty drinks featuring the prized Limoncello liqueur. And even the Sorrento Beauty Bar offers a signature Limoncello di Bellezza skin treatment with fruit and flower extracts in perfect harmony.

Oh, and when the valet brings your car around, you might find he’s left you a little lemon take-away, reminiscent of the warmth of the Sorrento.