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Seattle Magazine – June 2012

30 Perfect Summer Nights: The Inn Crowd

The 103-year old hotel, The Sorrento, is so beautiful that reading alone in the lobby seems like a special affair. (In fact, “Silent Reading Parties” have actually been popular here.) But look to the hotel’s programming (it’s not just for guests) when you want a cocktail and an excuse to get a little dressed up.


Seattle Met – June 2012

Drinking Lesson: Cognac Armagnac

Every second Wednesday of the month, the Hunt Club hosts a local bartender, distiller, or drink historian who’ll lead an intimate booze-infused class on a chosen spirit. This month they’ll break down the differences between Cognac and Armagnac (one of the great mysteries of the world).


Meetings Focus West – May 2012

Making Memories: Boutique hotels offer one-of-a-kind experiences for group

Have a small group? Why not put them in a small hotel? That’s the whole concept behind boutique hotel meetings. “Meeting attendees are so over the institutional look and feel,” says Michael Krouse, senior vice president of sales for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board. “What they really want is an experience, and that’s what boutique hotels deliver.”


Trip Styler – May 2012

Roam + Board: Sorrento Hotel

The Sorrento Hotel intersects at the crossroads of classic and cool. Built in 1909, Seattle’s first boutique hotel was the cultural hub where intellectuals gathered to discuss le topic du jour and musicians came to entertain. Today, this same vibe is present; you feel smarter the second you walk in.


Seattle Met – May 2012

On the Town: Books & Talks

Sorrento Hotel: May 2 at 6 / Silent Reading. The term bookish implies a certain lack of sociability, but there’s an option for the bookish to be quiet and inward in a social setting. Sorrento Hotel opens its Fireside Room for book lovers to come and read silently surrounded by other like-minded bookrooms.


Eat – April 2012

Sorrento Hotel Announces New Menu Offerings

The Sorrento Hotel announces the appointment of Dan Gilmore as executive chef. He will oversee culinary direction for the Hunt Club restaurant, as well as hotel catering and private events. “We are extremely fortunate to welcome Chef Dan Gilmore to the Sorrento,” said Sam Johnson, general manager, Sorrento Hotel. “His wealth of experience will be coupled with our ongoing commitment to providing our guests with exquisite dining experiences, highlighted by well balanced, local ingredients.


Seattle Met – April 2012

On the Town: Arts and Entertainment Guide

Sorrento Hotel: Every second Wednesday of the month, the Hunt Club hosts a local bartender, distiller or drink historian who’ll lead an intimate booze-infused class and making and understanding the chosen sprit. Ticket price includes the lesson, drinks and snacks. $50.


Travel + Leisure – March 2012

What to See and Do in Seattle, WA

T+L soaks up the city’s literary ambience and culinary delights, its late-night characters and early-morning coffee shops. As the plane begins its descent into Seattle’s airport I write on the inside cover of my notebook: ‘New take on Seattle necessary for article. Avoid all weather clichés and weather by-products. No rain, no melancholy, no coffee, no flannel, no grunge.’


Seattle Met – January 2012


There’s still a lot of life in First Hill’s old favorite. For In-towners: Don’t be fooled by the manicured hedges, the low-lit dining in the Hunt [Club Restaurant], and the hundred-year-old Honduran mahogany on the ceiling; there’s a whole lot of hipster nightlife at this tony old hotel.


The Other Side of Nashville – December 2011

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